We caught up with our Marketing Intern Katie Benson for a coffee break and a quick question and answer session.  Kate has been with Cloud 2020 since the beginning of July and has become a contributing part of the team very quickly.

Q: What did you do before coming to Cloud 2020?

 A: I have just graduated e from UWE where I was studying for a degree in Business Management with Marketing.  

Q: What are your interests? 

 A: I love spending time in the outdoors (preferably with animals), Yoga and Cooking. I have always had a huge interest in technology and the influence it has on society.  It’s constantly shaping and driving innovative solutions 

Q: The biggest lesson since starting your internship? 

 A: Ask lots of questions! Even if I think I have got something, there might be a missing piece to the puzzle and it makes sense.  The more I ask questions and understand. 

Q: The best thing about working at Cloud 2020? 

A: Working in the Cloud 2020 team! Being new to a team and being onboarded remotely could have been daunting however, Wendy, Ian and the team made me feel so welcome through daily team meetings and frequent check ins using MSTeams to connect.  

Q: What are you excited about in your role?  

A: I am really excited about the opportunity to turn my passion for marketing into real experience and watch Cloud 2020 grow their online presence. I feel very lucky to be exposed to Dynamics 365 and to have the chance to learn how to navigate my way through these incredible tools.  Using Dynamics365 Marketing  is a great way to build my experience and increase my marketing skills.

Thank you Katie!  We’re looking forward to seeing you grow into this role.  I am certain our readers will have already noticed your impact on our online presence.